Letters to God – Part 7: Purim

source: http://kosherinvenice.blogspot.co.il/2012/03/its-jewish-venice-purim-time.html

Yes God, I know Purim was a while ago, and an eternity for me. But you know I’ve been busy and I also managed to destroy my computer last week… So just now I managed to sit down to write.

What can I say, Purim, the most waited festival for the children. Everyone puts on a costume, we all read the Megila together, give each other sweets (and let our children intoxicate on them for one day). A fun day overall.

But as you know, this Purim we had to stay with my son in the hospital. And what was very interesting is that this wasn’t a sad Purim. For me, it was the best one ever. For starters, my son is alive and getting better each day, which by itself is something that keeps me happy. But more than that, while in his room at the hospital, about every 10 minutes someone came by to give their blessings. Some came with a guitar and sang, some gave candies and more intoxicating sweets, another group of youngsters had almost a full orchestra in our room. I saw mothers with their kids come and spend their “vacation” day on visiting the ward and giving each child a drawing and a get-well gift. It was so inspiring, so energizing, so wonderful!

Seeing so much love gives so much strength… Than you God for this great day you gave me.

But next year, can you please arrange for me something with a BBQ in it?

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