We arrived last friday from Argentina: 1 hour drive to the airport, 3 hour wait at the airport, 2.5 hour flight to Sao Paolo, another 3 hour wait, 12.5 hour flight to Tel Aviv, 1 hour to get the car, pack everything and 1.5 hours to get home. Add to this 3 small (< 6y) kids and you can imagine the picture (if you don’t, read this again after you have some).
We are tired, jet-lagged and of course the kid’s biological clock takes some time to adapt, as you can see by my little one’s picture at about 2 in the morning today – eating tuna fish.

Now, at 3:54 I think she finally fell asleep.

The Perfect Asado

I am in Argentina, known as the “Meat Country”. And guess what I had for lunch yesterday? ASADO! Strangely enough, the asado has no steaks (some say for cultural reasons, others say that the steaks are all sold overseas), but has some other strange parts of the cow (chinchulines – small intestine; mollejassweetbreads) that are all eaten after a long stay above just a small layer of coals.

I personally like a steak better than assorted cow parts, but from time to time an asado is something very special.

Wet your mouths.