Letters to God – Part 6: Unconditional Love

source: http://thelongestisland.blogspot.co.il/2011/03/check-out-bernard-schweizers-blog-post.html

It seems like ages ago, but only 12 day have passed since my son gave me this lesson. We were driving home from his weekly treatment, and he was in a very bad mood, with no explainable reason. Probably because we said no to something he wanted. Yea, I think it was that.

As we were driving down the road he started saying bad things, and hitting my chair, so I stopped at a bus station and sat with him there to understand what is happening. He was so mad! And then he started crying, because he could not control himself. He said he was bad, and that he made me mad with no reason. We cried together for some time, and I told him that I love him always. That he can be angry at me, and its OK. And that sometimes I can also be angry at him, and that this is also OK. We are humans, we are full of feelings that we can’t fully control, and anger is one of them.

But that day I learned about unconditional love. The love you have for your child is like this. No matter how angry you are at him, you still love him. And no matter how angry he is at you, he still loves you.

And yes, I have been angry with you. And a part of me is still angry at you. For all the suffering, for all the sickness, for all the pain.

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t love you.

And even if you do things that I don’t understand, and that make me very angry, there is a reason for everything. But as I am a child, I cannot understand it.

And I know that you love me.

3 thoughts on “Letters to God – Part 6: Unconditional Love”

  1. Tanto amor en palabras!, tanto amor en el dolor, tanto amor en la enseñanza, tanto amor, tanto amor. Me emociona verlos tan fuertes, se impone el manto de bendición que los cubre. Tal vez sea la fuerza de Dios, tal vez sea el propio Hanoch, o el amor de ustedes que le da luz y curan las heridas. El miércoles, como siempre, estaré junto a ustedes, aunque estemos lejos, siempre conectada a través del alma. Mucha fuerza Hanoch!!


  2. Bob Marley once said: “You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice.”
    It might not just be the only choice, but the wisest choice as our strength, our love, propels us forward.
    Your words are powerful. I love you. And thank you for sharing


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