Letters to God – Part 32: Grateful…


We are grateful. Very grateful.

We were grateful that he survived that difficult and unexpected surgery

We were grateful he could move, even if not consciously

We were grateful when he opened his eyes and saw us, even from only half an eye

We were grateful because he held our hand again

We were grateful that day he spoke again

We were grateful after he made those first steps, for a second time in his life

We were grateful when he started eating and drinking again

We were grateful he could move alone, and was not left in a wheelchair

We were grateful the day he went back to school, even though he doesn’t remember what he learned yesterday

We are grateful he doesn’t have a full seizure each day, just some small ones here and there

Some days, sometimes, I wish didn’t have to be so grateful…

Letters to God – Part 31: Special

As a kid, I wanted to be special. To be the one other look up to. I managed to be different, weird, strange. But all in all, I never really felt I was special…

Now I’m finally special, thanks to my son. I’m really special. I’m one in millions.

“Be careful what you wish for because you might just get it” goes the quote.

Maybe I should have been more specific ????