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Letters to God – Part 34: One Small Thing

Darkness fills the void.
Nothing seems to move.
There is no trace of hope.

Disorder is all around.
Nothing makes sense.
There is no path forward.

Danger lurks in the air.
Nothing can be done.
There is no solution.

Something changes.
Something moves.
Something lives.

One small thing. A ray of light.  A drop of hope.

And light starts to shine again.
And freshness fills the air.
And there is hope.


Until next time.

Letters to God – Part 17: Constant Fear

– “Hi darling. What’s happening?”
– “He woke up with a headache and vomited. Feels OK but with a bit of a stomach ache. Doesn’t seem serious. He’s been having a weak stomach for the last couple of days so it’s probably related”
– “Ah, OK. Need any help?”
– “No, everything’s fine. Let’s try and get some more sleep. Long day today”
– “Yea, as always”

– “Vomited a bit again, and went to the bathroom. His tummy feels hot and noisy. Really hope this is not serious”
– “Yea, me too. Any idea how we can know if this is just a stomachache or something else? You know, now that he has the added drainage, how will we know?”
– “No idea… can’t find anything on the net. But he looks fine, and reacts normally”
– “God. Hi hate this. Hope he feels better soon. I’ll give him some tea for his stomach”
– “Great idea. I’ll take care of him now. Go get some sleep”

– “Morning love. He didn’t vomit again and is now feeling well. Still says that his stomach hurts a bit but didn’t go to the bathroom or anything. Played around very nicely until now”
– “Thank God. Probably a virus, or too much junk food during the weekend. I’ll talk to the doctor today just in case”
– “Good. Please do so. And by the way, Happy Anniversary my dear”
– “Happy anniversary to you too, my love”

P.S. The doctor said that it is probably some virus or something he ate. So thanks again, God…