Letters to God – Part 17: Constant Fear

– “Hi darling. What’s happening?”
– “He woke up with a headache and vomited. Feels OK but with a bit of a stomach ache. Doesn’t seem serious. He’s been having a weak stomach for the last couple of days so it’s probably related”
– “Ah, OK. Need any help?”
– “No, everything’s fine. Let’s try and get some more sleep. Long day today”
– “Yea, as always”

– “Vomited a bit again, and went to the bathroom. His tummy feels hot and noisy. Really hope this is not serious”
– “Yea, me too. Any idea how we can know if this is just a stomachache or something else? You know, now that he has the added drainage, how will we know?”
– “No idea… can’t find anything on the net. But he looks fine, and reacts normally”
– “God. Hi hate this. Hope he feels better soon. I’ll give him some tea for his stomach”
– “Great idea. I’ll take care of him now. Go get some sleep”

– “Morning love. He didn’t vomit again and is now feeling well. Still says that his stomach hurts a bit but didn’t go to the bathroom or anything. Played around very nicely until now”
– “Thank God. Probably a virus, or too much junk food during the weekend. I’ll talk to the doctor today just in case”
– “Good. Please do so. And by the way, Happy Anniversary my dear”
– “Happy anniversary to you too, my love”

P.S. The doctor said that it is probably some virus or something he ate. So thanks again, God…

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