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Stop Wasting Time Trying to Fix the Past


Yesterday I found myself spending a lot of time reviewing old blog posts to see if they moved OK on my latest migration. Posts from a year ago, two years ago…

Afterwards I asked myself – was it worth the effort? Does it really matter if they look good or not? If all their links are OK? If the pictures load correctly and the layout is just right? It’s not like I’m maintaining Wikipedia here, it’s just my blog…

It turns out this question is not just about maintaining a specific blog. It’s about life. Because I spend a lot of time thinking about the past and how I could have done things differently. What things I would change, what I would have done (and not done) differently.

But unlike my blog, I can’t edit my past (or at least I haven’t found where I can change this setting šŸ¤”). And while the thought exercise may be interesting, it must be handled with care.

What I know I can do is make the best of the present, and work to create a better future.

As Pumba said, “you got to put your behind in your past”.

Letters to God – Part 13: Deja vu

Last Saturday it happened again (actually three weeks ago, but it took me a while to finish this post). I was sitting at my table, putting some food in the plate of a kid at my right, and suddenly I realized that I had already lived this scene in my life. Or more correctly, I remembered having lived this part of my life. Strange, isn’t it? This is not the first time it has happened to me, and as the phenomenon has a name and its own wikipedia entry, I guess it is very common. Common but strange.

But as you know God, things stop becoming strange when we have an explanation them. There are many explanations for why Deja vu happens, and all of the scientific ones talk about how the mind is simply making a mistake. But we have very little knowledge of how our mind works (something I already knew but has been enforced by the last months). Nobody has a good idea of the correlation between neuronal damage and cognitive damage, or why people who have had a trauma lose their short-term memory, sometimes for a while, sometimes for longer time, sometimes forever. So these are all theories, but nothing that is really known.

We have advanced a lot in understanding how the brain reacts to external stimulus (i.e. behavioral economics, great topic to read about), but the internals of the brain are still blurry to us.

So I have my own theory, and I want to share it with you.

The idea that I started developing in my previous post is that our whole body is filled with sensors that feel the world. And as everything in the world is just energy, our body is sensing energy all around it. Going back to my theory of everything, I model the world as an infinite set of decision planes, where we are constantly moving from planeĀ to planeĀ based on the decisions we make and the possible outcomes that you have created for these decisions.

Traveling the Energy Planes

Joining these two ideas together, each decision plane is the combined energy state of all the universe. Yes, this is complicated so I’ll try to explain it again. The reality we feel is how our brain interprets the reactions to the energies that our body/mind senses all around us, and as we move forward in time and change things, the energies change to create a new reality that is again perceived by our body/mind. And as I wrote before, these new states are not random. You have pre-defined what states exist so that the universe moves in the direction you have decided for us.

And now for the leap of faith. So when we are not busy feeling the world around us (like when sleeping, or daydreaming), our senses can un-focus from the short energies they see and can sense things that happen in other planes. And if this plane later turns out to materialize from all of the possible energy planes, you get Deja vu.

Sensing Other Energy Planes

But not only Deja vu. Digging deeper into this idea, I can imagine people who have trained their senses to feel more than what is around them, and with enough concentration, they can feel other energy planes. And the stronger they are, the more they can sense. And this is how prophets exists. How there are people who can see the future, and the past.

So that is my theory. Somewhat crazy and completely unproven scientifically. Just like all other theories around :-).