Letters to God – Part 27: Miracles Come to Those Who Believe


It’s that time of the year again. MRI time. The moment all our hopes, dreams, and fears meet in a white hospital room where some very complicated machinery takes a peek into my son’s brain. And as always, we hope for the best but brace ourselves for the worse. We expect a miracle.

Miracles… what a wonderful things. When the universe decides to bend the rules in your favor. Or maybe there are no rules and things just align themselves and something very improbable happens. We simply don’t know.

This time I feel different. Something inside me seems more calm, peaceful, more connected. Somehow releasing myself from the cause -> effect fallacy that I was taught all my life has given me freedom. I am willing to accept the world as it comes. At the same time, I feel more powerful, something inside me that I can’t explain just makes more sense.

I’ve read a lot lately about our inner powers, how our thoughts and feelings have so much power. How what we say has more meaning than just words. It transcends into dimensions that we just don’t understand. Judaism talks a lot about the power of words, and as Pratchett says,  the world runs on Narrativium.

Some time ago a friend of my wife told her that we have to believe. Because only if we believe, but truly believe, then miracles happen. So the miracles are not up to you, they are up to us.

I’m up to the challenge. Let’s do miracles.