Letters to God – Part 21: Dreams

Joseph was a dreamer. For those not familiar with his story, he was the 11th sons of Jacob. He was especially loved by his father and probably hated by his brother because of that. And he also had dreams of grandeur: he dreamt of ruling over his family, including his father and mother. And the strange thing is that he went and told this to them. Not just a dreamer but also kind of dumb if you ask me :-). But no, he was not dumb – he was just living in his dream and didn’t let reality confuse him. As expected, his brothers tried to kill him, threw him in an empty cistern, then sold him to slavery ending as a slave in Egypt, where he was later accused of rape and sent to jail. And I assume that jails there were not very nice. But Joseph didn’t break, because he had a dream, because he was living his dream. And after so many struggles, he succeeded and became the Vizier of Egypt, his brothers and parents came and bowed to him. His dream came true.

Dreams… I have many dreams. Not when I sleep, but when I’m awake. I dream of doing big things, of changing the world. And at times life is tough, and it’s hard to think about tomorrow. But I think about my dreams and it gives me strength.

The other day I was talking with a friend about this, and he asked if having so ambitious dreams didn’t depress me because I may never attain them. I told him that I thought aiming high was the best way to climb faster, and that we usually achieve less than what we aim for, so if we aim for small things, we’ll just get very small results. I aim very high and maybe I’ll reach the top, but if I don’t, I’ll be a lot higher that I was before.

So I keep on dreaming. And hopefully, one day, some of my dreams will come true.