Letters to God – Part 8: Pesach

We jews live from holiday to holiday. We finish Rosh HaShana (New Year) and start preparing for the fast of Yom Kippur (Day of Attonement). When this one ends we begin building the Succa. After Succot we have a bit of rest, but fairly fast we start thinking of Sufganiot (kind of donuts) for Hannuka. and then some dried fruits for Tu BiShvat, then costumes for Purim, and after this comes the great craziness of Judaims – Pesach.

Every year that Pesach comes I ask myself once again if this is what you meant for us to do. We are told not to have anything that leavens in our houses. But you know, we humans always think we don’t understand what you said, and maybe you also meant that we have to go crazy and buy food like world is going to end, and clean our houses as if we have loaves of bread hidden under the staircases. Oh, and changing all of the dishes, pots, pans… While sitting here at 11pm washing the Pesach dishes, I imagine you looking at us and shaking your head from side to side. But what can we do. This is how you made us.

Every year in Pesach I do my yearly Gefilte Fish for Pesach, and I shared some pictures of it with my friends. But this year I am exempted from doing it, because we are doing the Seder in the Rehab Hospital with my son. So I am doubly happy, both because we can have a family Seder all of us together, and because I don’t have to do any cooking!

But seriously, today I read again the summary of the first operation my son had when we took him to the hospital, and my skin crawls as I understand again how close we were to losing him. Every moment we have with each other is blessed. It is hard to see it this way all the time, but it is the truth. And it takes extreme events like this to make us understand this. And we keep on forgetting it.

Oh well, the dishwasher finished so I have to go and clean some more plates to be ready for the upcoming holiday. Thanks G-d for all the work you have given us. It really makes us happy 🙂

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